Ritual aims to engage your relationship with yourself by illuminating the mind-body connection. All of our offerings - massage, subtle bodywork, yoga therapy, and mindfulness guidance - playfully engage the many aspects of self: the body, the mind, our souls, and our consciousness.

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Discount Sessions

Groupon or Living Social: Massage (60m)
Did you know our first time client rate is the same or less than our Groupon rate?
Groupon or Living Social: Subtle Bodywork (60m)
(see note above)


Massage (60m)
Massage (90m)
Only offered by Sara and Jessica.
Massage (120m)

Subtle Bodywork

Subtle Bodywork (60m)
Please wear comfortable clothing!
Subtle Bodywork (90m)
Only offered by Sara and Jessica.
Subtle Bodywork (120m)

Other Sessions

Mindfulness Training Session (60m)
Only offered by Laura and Jessica.
Please wear comfortable, cozy clothing. You may want a notebook and pen.
Yoga Therapy (60 min)
Only offered by Laura.
Please wear movement-oriented clothing. You may want to bring water.
Solar Cycle Series Session (60m)
Seven Chakra Series Session (60m)
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