Ritual aims to engage your relationship with yourself by illuminating the mind-body connection.

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Massage (60m)
Massage (60m) - Groupon or Living Social
Massage (90m)
(Not offered by Laura.)
Massage (90m) - Groupon or Living Social
Massage (120m)

Subtle Bodywork

Subtle Bodywork (60m)
Please wear comfortable clothing!
Reiki / Craniosacral (60m) - Groupon or Living Social
Subtle Bodywork (90m)
(Not offered by Laura.)
Subtle Bodywork (120m)

Mindfulness Development

Mindfulness Training Session (60m)
Please wear comfortable, cozy clothing. You may want a notebook and pen.
Mindfulness Training Session (90m)
(Not offered by Laura.)
Mindfulness Training Session (120m)

Private Yoga

Yoga Therapy (60m)
Please wear movement-oriented clothing. You may want to bring water.
Yoga Therapy (120m)
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